September 22, 2011

Jessica Biel getting back at Justin Timberlake by hooking up with Gerard Butler?

Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler are starring in the movie 'Playing the Field' but is Jessica REALLY playing the field?? Wittnesses say the two were friendly but professional on and off the set of the movie but then they started spending time together away from the set.. Jessica looked mighty close to Gerard when she had her arms wrapped around him tight as they rode on his motorcycle together. <3  Does this mean Jessica knows about Justin and Scarlet? Gerard and Jessica enjoyed dinner together at a Tokyo Japanese Restraunt a source says that they were the center of eachother attention the entire night and that they were laughing and giggling together aswell as sharing food off eachother's plates. (I don't let just anyone pick from my plate, do you?)

Justin Timberlake and Scarlet Johansson hooking up since 2007!!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel took a short ride through splitzville but now sources say they are back-on and showing it! The duo spent time together in Steamboat Springs for a friend's wedding, the couple enjoyed a gondola ride up the mountain for a romantic brunch together aswell as a visit to the local Tugboat Grill & Pub. Onlookers say that there was plenty of P.D.A (public display of affection) between the two and they seemed to be very much in love.... awwwww.....


Justin Timberlake was spotted at NYC's hot spot 1Oak with single Scarlet Johansson on Spetember 14th. The pair were "hardcore flirting" other guys tried to get Scarlet's attention or even just conversation with her but she was mezmorized by Justin! The two of them acted as if they were the only ones in the club all attention, smiles and giggles directed at eachother. Justin and Scarlet didn't leave 1Oak until after 5am and the 'date' didn't stop there, they went next door and enjoyed some pizza together... then the night continued to Scarlet's midtown penthouse appartement. When Justin walked by the doorman he introduced himself as Justin Timberlake and headed up to Scralet's place. *remember when Scarlet was in Justin's 2007 music video for 'What goes around comes around'*  A friend says that they have hooked up several times over the years.
I bet that's news for Jessica Biel!

September 16, 2011

Kristy Alley!! HOTSTUFF??

Kristy Alley lost over 100Lbs!! and she is looking HOT! Kristy has always had a problem with her weight yo-yo diets (Jenny Craig) and now after she performed on Dancing With The Stars the "Fat Actress" has lost over 100Lbs and is walking the runway at her friend Zang Toi's show during Fashion Week looking grrrrreat! It's too bad Jenny Craig couldn't do what a bit of dancing/exercising could do... costs less too and your not stuck with 1/4 size T.V dinners. Kristy has gone from a size 14 to a size 4. Although saying that she didn't realize how "discusting" she looked is a bit harsh. I just wanted to say CONGRATS KRISTY!!! looking great as usual no matter what size she is that woman is super funny and will always be beautiful to me.

Lohan #2 (Ali) following sister (Lindsay) into a train-wreck?

Ali Lohan has gotten a job as a model... now she is out and about with a NEW FACE!! well it's actually her old face blown up/tweeked in the nose/chin/cheek bones/ lips etc. Mama Lohan was on "The Wendy Williams Show" doing an interview defending her daughter saying her durastic facial change is due to puberty, so that's what happened to T.V Anchorwoman Bree Walker's face along with all the other women this unfortunitly happened to it's  ... puberty... she also went on to state that her daughter does not have an eating disorder she eats alot apparently they eat all the time... well that's really great to hear, hopefully the "all the time" she is referring to is around three times a day alot and not three times a month alot. We all saw Lindsay go from the cute little red head in The Parent Trap to a scary skinny girl partying all night every day of the week on the magazines/television. Ali Lohan was a naturally beautiful girl and now she looks like a fake human.

September 12, 2011

Justin Bieber wears GIRL jeans!

Justin Bieber addmitted in an interview with Life & Style that he wears women's jeans his words were "It's not a trend; it's just, whatever works, works!" I can understand that but don't announce it, especially when you look like you take more time to get ready then most women. (the hair!! just cut it out of your eyes before you get whiplash from whipping your head around) Now when women go to buy jeans they don't only have the stresees of finding the right size and fit, now they have to worry about trend following men buying out the good women's jeans. Justin Bieber is only 17 years old,  I guess he can get away with wearing women's jeans... hopefully this doesn't catch on. Justin did mention that Kanye West wore a women's sweater.

September 09, 2011

Jim Carrey going crazy -or- having a mental breakdown?

Funny man Jim Carrey posted a video blog of himself confessing his love for actress Emma Stone and going on to talk about having little red head freckle faced kids with her... kinda creepy right?... Jim being 49 years old and Emma being 22 years old, Emma replied to the blog by saying it was kinda creepy (so, yes she agrees) but that isn't the end of it. Jim Carrey then stepped outside in New York and started to graffitti his own home! Jim was spray painting with colours and stencils then stood back to admire his work and smile for the cameras. Quick someone step in before this funny man goes bonkers!

Jennifer Aniston a home wrecker?!?

Jennifer Aniston bought her new boyfriend Justin Theroux a leather jacket for $12,000.00$ seems like alot for a jacket but when the jacket was previously owned by JAMES DEAN!! yes... I wrote it and you read it right JAMES DEAN. The jacket was a 40th Birthday present, when your net worth is over $100million a $12,000 jacket for a boyfriend you have only been dating for a few months isn't a big deal.
Jennifer's friends say that she has fallen hard and fast for him even though when they started to date he was still living with long time girlfriend of 14 years Heidi Bivens. People are saying it's not the same because Jennifer and Brad were married and Justin and Heidi wern't but really does a piece of legal paper validate one relationship more then the other? Justin's friends say the relationship was over long before that. Then why were they still living together?? Why are Heidi's friends saying she was caught off guard and hart broken? Is Jennifer pulling an Angelina? wrecking a home??

September 02, 2011

Brad Pitt cheating with the Jen aniston look-a-like nanny?!? Is Angelina crazy and abusive?

Does anyone think Angelina Jolie is CrAzY?? I have heard that she has smacked Brad Pitt in the face on numerous occasions (okay lady that face is worth millions I wouldn't be smacking it around) Rumours say "nanny Jen look-a-like" has been spending a lot of time with Brad and the kids on outings and Angelina is s0o0o0o0o... jealous.
Which she should be Jen Aniston is now in a relationship, making great movies, looking AMAZING (naturally) and happier then ever. nothing like having a woman that looks like your husband's gorgeous ex strutting around with him. Apparently Angelina had reservations about hiring the hot nanny to begin with. 
The latest !>Smack Down<! occurred when Angelina walked past the bedroom of her twins, Knox and Vivienne and saw their "Jen look-a-like nanny" getting a back rub on the bed from brad. Angelina burst in, spazzed out screaming in Brad's face, firing the nanny on the spot yelling at her to never come back... but... that wasn't the end of it she then continued to scream in Brad's face waking up the sleeping twins. While Brad was trying to console the nanny and the crying twins Angelina smacked Brad across the face. Brad was then seen racing out of their property on his bike alone. forget about the twins and the nanny that are now left with the crazy woman who just assaulted you.
I don't understand if these are witnessed incidents then WHERE IS CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES?!? are celebrities above the laws and regulations of CPS? if assaults are happening inside the home in front of their children then why is nothing being done about this? Is it healthy for the slew of children she adopts to be placed in a home with an verbally/physically abusive parent?? I don't know the entire situations obviously I wasn't there but who was don't they think they should protect the children exposed to this? 

ANYWAY... other rumours state that this is all a publicity stunt to make Brad look like the cheating bad guy so when they separate (said to already be) Angelina looks like the victim of the relationship and should get full parental custody of their group of kids. Forget about the numerous sex partners Angelina has had during their relationship. !!keep eyes open for Angelina's Mistress writing a tell all book!!